Sell O&K dozer RH20 track roller oem no.044326 sf OK682 10T0212AY2 Track roller,bottom roller,lower roller

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a large manufacturer specializing in the production of undercarriage components for tracked vehicles, equipment for overhauling the undercarriages of earthmoving machinery and the manufacture of machine tools for the reconditioning of internal combustion engines. PC400/500/600/700/800/870/1000/1100/1200/1250/1800/2500/3500

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Material 50Mn/40SiMnTi
Finish Smooth
Colors Black or yellow
Technique Forging casting
Surface Hardness HRC50-56,deepth:4mm-10mm
Warranty time 2000 hour
Certification ISO9001-9002
MOQ 2 piece
Delivery Time Within 30 days after contract established

Advantages / Features:

The heat treatment automation line adopts advanced whole quenching techniques to manufacture the roller and it can meet the technical requirement of the roller. The controlling and inspecting to the production line are all fulfilled by computer system with advanced control mode and inspection method.

The flexible roller assembling line introduces multiple working stations. The rollers are automatically washed before assembling by the washer to guarantee the cleanness and sealing performance of the production.

 Track roller comparison

track roller-11326

Partial list

Thousands type of track roller , We can make products according to Customer's requirement . Some specification as follow .

Hitachi track roller part number :

Model OEM Model OEM
 EX60 9066207  EX200LC-5 9134243
 EX60-2 9096970  EX220 9066509
 EX60-3 9096970  EX220-2 9089173
 EX60-5 9153152  EX220-3 9132602
 EX60LC-3 9096970  EX220-5 9132602
 EX60LC-5 9153152  EX220LC 9066509
 EX80-5 9153152  EX220LC-2 9089173
 EX90 9066206  EX220LC-3 9132602
 EX100 9066508  EX220LC-5 9132602
 EX100-2 9132600  EX230-5 9132602
 EX100-3 9132600  EX230LC-5 9132602
 EX100-5 9132600  EX270-1/2 9114682
 EX120-1 9066508  EX270-5 9168173
 EX120-2 9066508  EX270LC-1/2 9114682
 EX120-3 9132600  EX270LC-5 9168173
 EX120-5 9132600  EX300-1/2/3 9114682
 EX130H-5 9132600  EX300-5 9168173
 EX150 9114616  EX300LC-1/2/3 9114682
 EX150LC-5 9134243  EX300LC-5 9168173
 EX160LC-5 9134243  EX330-5 9168173
 EX200 9066510  EX330LC-5 9168173
 EX200-1 9066509  EX400-2/3 9129347
 EX200-2 9089173  EX400-5 9129347
 EX200-3 9089173  EX400LC-2/3 9129347
 EX200-5 9134243  EX400LC-5 9129347
 EX200LC 9066509  EX450-5 9129347
 EX200LC-2 9089173  EX450LC-5 9129347
 EX200LC-3 9089173

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