Sell 6Y6335 Forging teeth bucket adapter excavator bucket teeth tooth point ripper

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Material low alloy steel
Colors Black or yellow
Technique Forging casting
Surface Hardness 47-52HRC
Certification ISO9001-9002
FOB Price FOB Xiamen USD 5-50/Piece
MOQ 2 piece
Delivery Time Within 30 days after contract established


Design / Structure / Details Pics

teeth and adapter (1)451

teeth and adapter (1)483

teeth and adapter (1)452

teeth and adapter (1)484

3.Advantages / Features:

Our company has already passed ISO9001-2000 international quality control system. and adopts advanced examintion,manufacturing equipments and technology of precision casting to make the products with the impact and hardness.


Chemical Composition(%):

      Carbon        -      0.26-0.28
    Silicon         -           0.4
    Manganese     -      0.8
    Copper        -     ≤0.02
     Ti            -           ≤0.1
     S.P            -        ≤0.03
    Aluminum     -     ≤0.03
     Cr            -           1.2


Mechanical Properties:

Normalizing Temp -----900°C
Tensile Strength   ------1150MPA
 Impact (Akv)     ------   16J-18J
Elongation       ---------   6%
Hardness        ---------   47-52HRC


4.Foring teeth part no. for your reference:

1U-3201 Short 9W-8552 / 1U-3552 Long
6Y-6221 Short 6I-6602 Long
1U-3251 Short 4T-4702 Long
1U-3301 Short 1U-3202 P Long
1U-3351 Short 1U-3252 P Long
168-1351 Short 1U-3302 P Long
7T-3401 Short 1U-3352 P Long
9W-8451 / 1U-3451 Short 7T-3402 P Long
9W-8551 / 1U-3551 Short 9W-8452 P Long
1U-3301 P Short 9W-8552 P Long
1U-3351 P Short 6I-6602 P Long
7T-3401 P Short 1U-3202 TL / 9W-8209 Tiger
9W-8451 P Short 1U-3252 TL / 9W-8259 Tiger
9W-8551 P Short 1U-3302 TL / 9W-8309 Tiger
1U-3202 Long 1U-3352 TL / 9W-2359 Tiger
6Y-3222 Long 7T-3402 TL / 6Y-5409 Tiger
1U-3252 Long 1U-3452 TL / 7T-8459 Tiger
1U-3302 Long 1U-3552 TL / 9W-6559 Tiger
1U-3352 Long 6I-6602 TL / 107-8609 Tiger
7T-3402 Long 4T-4702 TL / 107-8709 Tiger
9W-8452 / 1U-3452 Long

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