Excavator CAT330 Hydraulic Cylinder boom/arm/bucket for CATERPILLAR Excavator

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Hydraulic Cylinders are often doing hard work in environments where people often can’t. This can cause additional wear and tear on the hydraulic cylinder, it’s mounts, components, and seals. Maintaining hydraulic cylinders to prevent failure, can also increase the longevity of the hydraulic cylinder and improve safety. An inspection and maintenance schedule should be followed to decrease unplanned downtime and ensure operational functionality.

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Model No. Customized according to drawing
Yearly Capacity-Hydraulic Cylinder 400,000pcs hydraulic cylinders
 Bore 20-600mm
Seals Kit DLI, HALLITE,PARKER,Trelleborg
Working Pressure   Low Pressure
Medium Pressure
Origin China
Other products without hydraulic cylinder pneumatic cylinder
hydraulic system
Application Agriculture, Environmental Vehicle, Crane, Construction, AWP, Rubber, Car Lift, etc.
Production time 30 days
Fabrication possibilities machining, inside machining tube, welding(MIG,MAG,TIG), painting

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R60-5-7 R220-5 R300
R130 R220-5CL R305-7-9
R190 R225-7-9 R450-5
R210-3-5 R280 R3400
DH55-5 DH225 DH300
DH60-7 DH258-7 DH360
DH130 DH280 DH500


EX40 EX300-3-5 ZAX240
EX60-2 EX350-5 ZAX240-3
EX120-1-2-3 EX40-3-5 ZAX270-3
EX160-3 EX800 ZAX330-3
EX200-1-2-3-5-6 UH07-7 ZAX3303G
EX200-1-2-3-6 ZAX200-3 ZAX360
EX225 ZAX200 ZAX450
EX230 ZAX210 ZAX470
EX250-6 ZAX230  


PC40-5 PC160 PC350-6-7
PC55UU-2 PC200-1-2-3-5-6-7-8 PC360-7
PC60-6-7 PC210-6-7 PC400-3-5-6-8
PC100-3-5-6 PC220-1-2-3-5-6-7-8 PC450-6
PC120-3-5-6 PC270-7 PC600-6-8
PC150-5 PC300-3-5-6-7  


E70 E315A E325
E70B E320 E325B
E120 E320B E325BL
E120B E320BL E329B
E200B E320BU E330B
E240 E320C E330C
E300B E320D E330D
E311 E322 E330L
E311B E324D E345
E312 E325 E450
E312C E324D  


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