Bulldoze segment group D155 D85 D6D D7G D5 D65 D8N;D8K;D275;D355 segment sprocket

Short Description:

Segments are hot forged for optimum internal grain flow,
Through hardened for high surface hardness (HRC > 50) and tough core (HRC 45),
Specific low alloyed boron steel is used to achieve high rdenability
Precise design and accurate machining of the mounting surfaces ensure best performance

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Material 40MnB
Finish Smooth
Colors Black or yellow
Technique Forging casting
Surface Hardness HRC51-57
Warranty time 2000 hours
Certification ISO9001-9002
FOB Price FOB Xiamen USD 100-200/Piece
MOQ 2 piece
Delivery Time Within 20-25days after contract established


2.Design / Structure / Details Pics

Sprocket (9)500 Sprocket (9)502 Sprocket (9)504


3.Advantages / Features:

Undercarriage is adopting through hardening system and spraying quenching system while complying with the stringent ISO System. We are able to assure the part has excellent wear resistance even in the most severe working conditions.

We are using advance machining centre,horizontal and vertical CNC machining to execute processes such as machining, drilling, threading and milling to ensure the qulity and precision of each component to ensure the accuracy of assembly dimensions. This is to maximize the life span of each component and minimize production cost per hour.


4.Partial list

Forgin segment :

We have the forged segments for  ,


And  D50,D60,D65,D85,D155 with good quality and most competitive price .


we have segment promostion list as follow for your reference,welcome to inqury

Model Group Parts No. Berco Ref ITM Ref QTY Segment Parts No.
1) Caterpillar
D3C/ 931B/ 933B 6Y2047 CR4754 S01035C0M00 5 9W9266
D3K 1*2782355+5*2782356
D4H 7G0841 CR4373 S01045K0M00 5 6Y5245
D4H-HD/D5M/D5N 108-0946 CR5601 S01045L0M00 5 1080946
D5/D5B/953B 7P2636 CR4408 S01055D0M00 9 6Y5244
D5C 8E7298 CR5412 S01055E0M00 5 2*1149278+3*6I9526
D5K 3*2782358+3*2782359
D5H/D5H-HD CR5513 S01055L0M00 5 2*1061624+3*1061622
D6C/D6D/D6D-EWL/963(5/8”H) 6P9102 CR3330 S01065H0M00 5 8P5837
D6C/D6D/D6D-EWL/963(3/4”H) 1171618 CR5476 S01065H1M00 5 1171616
D6H 7G7212 CR4879 S01065K0M00 5 6Y2931
D6R/D6H-HD 8E9041 CR5515 S01065L0M00 5 1730945
D6M 6I8078 CR5875 S01065M0M00 5 6I8077
D7F/D7G/977L 3P1039 CR3148 S01075G0M00V 5 6T4178
D7H/D7R/D8N/D8R 9W0074 / 6Y3928 CR4532/CR5050 S01085K1M00 5 7T9773/6Y2354
D8H/D8K 2P9510 CR3144 S01085M0M00 5 6T6782
D9G/D9H 2P9448 CR3156 S01095D0M00 9 6T6781
D9N/D9R 7T1246 CR4686 S01095N0M00 5 7T1247
D10N/D10R 6T9538 CR5047 S01105N0M00 5 1299208
943 7P6504 CR4371 S01045D0M00 5 7T4723
953C 6Y3242 CR5975 S01535C0M00 5 1856152
955K/955L 6K1430 CR3609 S01055C0N00 8 3*6T74554+5*6T7456
977K/977L 5S0058 CR2212 S01075F0M00 5 3S9201
D20 1 101-98-00050
D31 1
D41P-6 KM2465 KM2465 1 124-27-51154
D41P-8 1
 D31PX-21 1 11Y-27-11531
D50/D45/D53 KM788 KM788 S40505A0M00 9 131-27-61710
D57 KM347 KM347 S40605A0M00 9 135-27-32220
D61PX KM2874 S4061500M00 9 134-27-61460
D60/D65-6/D65-7-8 KM162 KM162 S40655E0M00 9 141-27-32410
D65EX-12 KM2111 S40655F0M00 9 14X-27-15111
D85/D75S KM224 KM224 S40855D0M00 5 KM223
D85A-18 KM224 KM224 KM224V 9  155-27-00151
D155 KM193 KM193 S0415500M00 9 175-27-22324
D275 CR3469  S4027201M05 5  17M-27-21631
D355 KM341 KM341 S4035000M00 9 195-27-12466
3)John Deere
JD750C ID1452 ID1452 S15755L0M00 5 T149331
JD850C ID1462 ID1462 5 T149332
JD700H ID2162 ID2162 5 ID2163


Forging Segment ,High performance

Material : 50Mn Raw Steel Bar

Surface Hardness: 55-57HRC

Dimension : As same as OEM (ITM dimension)

Quality guarantee: 2000 working hours

Price valid time: 30 days.

Delivery date: 5-10days.

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