9115414 hitachi EX400-1 track link,replacement parts hitachi track chain assembly

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Our main products are both dry and lubricated type Equipped with TMP 3150T hot die forging lines,track link assemblies which pitches range from automatic heat-treatmen lines,MAZAK,HASS 101mm to 260mm. process centers,advanced assembling machines and oil injection machines.Each spare parts has own logo and exclusive code.

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Material 40MnB
Finish Smooth
Colors Black or yellow
Technique Forging casting  EX400 track chain
Surface Hardness HRC50-56,deepth:4mm-10mm
Warranty time 2000 hour  EX400 track chain
Certification ISO9001-9002
FOB Price FOB Xiamen USD 40-70/Pair
MOQ $5000.00
Delivery Time Within 30 days after contract established


Design / Structure / Details Pics

track chain (10)529 track chain (10)531


Advantages / Features:

1.We have wide range of track link assy which pitch ranging is from 101mm to 260mm, they are suitable for all kinds of excavator, bulldozer, agricatural machinery and special machinery.

2.Firm design makes the track link longer wear life and resistance characteristics of stress.

3.The surface and advanced of link, pin and bush was through high degree quenched has a hard wearing life.


We can supply

Our replacement parts, such like bottom roller, top roller, Idler, Sprocket, track link, track shoe, and Bolt/nut etc. Hitachi, Kato, Daewoo, Hyundai, Sumitomo, Samsung, Kobelco, and Mitsubishi.


Our replacement parts are fit for :

1) PC40, PC60-5-6-7, PC100, PC120, PC130, PC240, PC200-1-3-5-6, PC220-1-3-5, PC300-3-5, PC400-1-3-5, D20, D30, D31, D50, D60, D75, D80 (D85), D155
2) Hitachi: EX40, EX60, EX150, EX100M, EX100, EX120, EX150, EX200-1-2-3, EX300-1-3-5, EX400, UH08, UH07
3) E110B, E200B (E320), E240 (MS180), E300B, E330, D3C, D5, D5B, D5D, D6C, D6D, D6H, D7G, D8K
4) Daewoo: DH220, DH280, R200, R210
5) Kato: HD250, HD400 (HD450), HD500, HD550, HD700 (HD770), HD800, HD820, HD850, DH880, HD1020, HD1220 (HD1250), HD1430, DH1880
6) Kobelco: SK07N2, SK07-7SK200, SK220, SK300, SK320
7) Sumitomo: SH120, SH160, SH200, SH220, SH280, SH300, SH400
8) Mitsubishi: MS110, MS120, MS180
9) Samsung: SE55, SE210

Our Advantage:
  Our company is major in exporting construction machine undercarriage spare parts for many years. We supply the construction machine spare parts and the automobile spare parts as well. Our products had been exported to worldwide and have good reputation. We had exported to Europe, Middle East Asia, and South East Asia, Australia etc. Our factory has exported more than USD20, 000,000 every year.


Our products are according to the standard of OEM to manufacture.

D2 LINK(35L) 1/2 155.57 LH1/35 6B7253 F01020C0M00035
LINK(35L) 9/16 155.57 AK13 F01020B0M00035
D3B LINK(39L) 155.57 CR3657 6S8685 E0103000M00039
D3C LINK(36L, SPLIT) 155.57 CR4749 6Y1171 D01030C1M00039
LINK(36L, LUB) 155.57 CR4746 6Y1339 G01030E0M00036
D4D LINK(38L, STD)5/8 171.45 CR2849 2V2262 E01040E0M00038
LINK(36L, STD)9/16 171.45 CR2567 7K2049 E01040F0M00036
D4E LINK(36L, SPLIT) 171.45 CR3628 1V7072 D0104000M00036
LINK(38L, LUB) 171.45 CR3519 1V4607 GZ1430B1M00038
D4H LINK(39L, LUB) 171.5 CR5192 3T0352 G01040H2M00039
D5 LINK(39L, STD) 175.4 CR2823 5S0816 E01050C0M00039
LINK(39L, SPLIT) 175.4 CR3627 3P5757 DZ153001M00039
LINK(39L, LUB) 175.4 CR3520 3P3885 GZ1530B1M00039
D5H LINK(37L, LUB) 190 CR4805 6Y3595 G01050H2M00037
D6 LINK(40L, STD) 171.5 CR1998 2S7570 E01060E0M00040
D6H LINK(39L, LUB) 202.8 CR4810 6Y3519 G01060H2M00039
D6C/D LINK(36L, STD) 203.2 CR3176 7S9568 EZ163001M00036
LINK(36L, SPLIT) 203.2 CR3307 3P1088 DZ163001M00036
LINK(36L, LUB) 203.2 CR3309 3P1118 GZ1630C2M00036
D7H LINK(40L, LUB) 215.9 CR5069 6Y1141 G01070H200040
D7G LINK(49L, STD) 215.9 CR4235 8E4274 EY4078A0M00049
LINK(38L, STD) 215.9 CR2576 8S2607 E01730D0M00038
LINK(38L, SPLIT) 215.9 CR3308 3P0955 D01730D0M00038
LINK(38L, LUB) 215.9 CR3116 3P0629 G01730E0M00038
D8H,K LINK(41L, STD) 229 CR2877 7S9186 E01080P0M00041
LINK(41L, SPLIT) 229 CR2701 8S0396 D01080D0M00041
LINK(41L, LUB) 229 CR3149 2P9492 G01080E0M00041
D8N(D8R) LINK(44L, LUB) 215.9 CR4525 6Y1136 G01080R0M00044
D9G/H LINK(39L, STD) 260.4 CR2154 1P1531 E0109000M00039
LINK(39L, SPLIT) 260.4 CR2672 8S1731 D0109000M00039
LINK(39L, LUB) 260.4 CR3153 2P9426 G0109000M00039
D9N LINK(43L, LUB) 240 CR4653 6Y1130 G01090N0M00043
D10N LINK(44L, LUB) NON PPR 260 8E7928 G01100M0M00044
LINK(44L, LUB)PPR CR5038 6Y2058 G01100N0M00044
D4E-EWL/943 LINK(38L, LUB) 171.07 CR4261 7T4629 GZ1430A1M00038
D5B-EWL/953 LINK(40L, LUB) 175.4 CR4264 7T4637 GZ1530C1M00040
D6D-EWL/963 LINK(36L, LUB) 203.2 CR4267 9W8843 GZ1630B2M00036
D7G-EWL/973 LINK(40L, LUB) 3/4 215.9 CR4268 7T4663 G01730C0M00040
LINK(40L, LUB) 7/8 215.9 CR4700 9W9167 G01730D1M00040
D4H-HD,D5M LINK(44L, LUB) 171.5 CR5552 108-0954 G01040L0M00044
D5H-HD,D6M LINK(46L, LUB) 190 CR5465 106-1636 G01050L0M00046
D6H-HD, D6R LINK(45L, LUB) 203.2 CR5534 8E9037 G01060L0M00045
D7R LINK(40L, LUB) 215.9 CR5574 1156301 G01070L0M00040
D20 LINK(37L, STD) 135 KM906 102-32-00030
D31-17 LINK(41L, STD) 154 KM239 11G-A70-0013 E40310A0M00041
LINK(41L, SPLIT) 154 KM728 D40310C0M00041
LINK(41L, LUB) 154 KM727 11G-32-00034 G40310C0M00041
D50 LINK(38L, STD)55.35mm 175.5 KM62 130-32-00034 E4050000M00039
LINK(38L, SPLIT) 175.5 KM492 D4050000M00039
LINK(38L, LUB) 175.5 G4050000M00039
D50 LINK(39L, STD)58.5mm 175.5 E40500B0M00039
LINK(39L, SPLIT) 175.5 KM861
LINK(39L, LUB) 175.5 KM489 G40500B0M00039
D60 LINK(39L, STD) 190 KM64 135-32-00030 E4060000M00039
D60/65 LINK(39L, STD) 203.2 KM953 141-32-00045 E4065000M00039
LINK(39L, SPLIT) 203.2 KM952 144-32-00046 D4065000M00039
LINK(39L, LUB) 203.2 KM951 141-32-00063 G40650C0M00045
D61EX-12 LINK(46L, LUB) 190 KM2868 13G-32-00010 G4061000M00046
D65PX-12 LINK(45L, LUB)

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