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  • ITM sprocket for sale
    Post time: 01-05-2022

    There is some ITM sprocket in our stock, welcome to order. Model:Q14040D Q14040E JD3520 Q4600 R15040 R1788 Model Weight(KG) LOGO(MOQ) Quantity (ITM) Q14040D 38 100 450 Q14040E 38 100 300 JD3520 38 100 Q4600 37 100 35 R15040 76 50 180 ...Read more »

  • Why did the excavator lose its chain?
    Post time: 11-23-2021

    There are many reasons for the drop Chain of the excavator. In addition to the dirt or stones and other impurities in the track of the excavator, which will cause the excavator to go off the chain, there are also failures in the Carrier roller, sprocket, chain guard and other places that will cau...Read more »

  • The Intelligent Boring and Welding
    Post time: 11-16-2021

    Our  2  in  1  Portable  line  boring  and  welding  machine  is  mainly  used  for  processing different kinds of concentric interval bore and side-by-side porous with continuous cutting or do the bushing after re-boring, it is in high efficiency and accuracy. For the w...Read more »

  • Some Tips Should Be Known When Buying A Used Excavator
    Post time: 11-09-2021

    ‎1, excavator-sized arm, observe excavator’s arm and small arm there are no cracks, welded marks, if there are cracks, prove that the machine previously dry working conditions are relatively bad, the machine is seriously damaged. such a machine is not easy to take care of even if it is boug...Read more »

  • Excavator Clamshell Bucket
    Post time: 10-27-2021

    Excavator Clamshell Bucket Production Description Excavator Clamshell Bucket which fits to an excavator has powerful digging characteristics. Ideal for earth moving, ground works and road construction we have a range of shells available for different applications. The Clamshell bucket is driven b...Read more »

  • Sprocket Segment Forged
    Post time: 10-11-2021

    Forging sprocket segment and special heat treatment technique ,so reach the best wear-resistance and prolong life time to maximum extent.Vertical machining center CNC processing production, make the size more accurate, more beautiful appearance. Having wide choice range....Read more »

  • SK460 E345 EC460 DX480 TOP ROLLER Stock for Promotion
    Post time: 09-09-2021

    TOP ROLLER Stock for Promotion Item Machine Model N.W. (Kg) Stock QTY Warranty Mark 1 PC400-6=D8K 40 100 2000 Hour KAC 2 SK460 40 100 2000 Hour KAC 3 E345 40 100 2000 Hour KAC 4 EC460 40 100 2000 Hour KAC 5 DX480 40 100 2000 Hour KAC ...Read more »

  • D60A Track Bolts 56mm M19 144-32-11211 Heat Treatment
    Post time: 09-06-2021

    Track Bolts description of 144-32-11211 Track Bolts Heat Treatment, Phosphating High Technology, Professional Production; Top Quality, Good Price, Fast Delivery. The surface is treated with bluing, screw thread has two type description; one is the metric system:M12-M24-6...Read more »

  • Slewing bearing for sale
    Post time: 09-01-2021

    NO. OEM Model NO. OEM Model 1 GT.530.16 PC30-1 1 GT.679.22 ZAX60/ZX60 2 GT544.16Z PC30-2/PC30(92T) 2 GT.683.25 EX60-5   EX70-5 3 GT.568.16 PC30/96T 3 GT.686.25 EX60-1 3 2 4 GT.675.20   PC50-7  PC55 4 GT.720.25Z9 ZAX70 80 5 ...Read more »

  • Excavator Hydraulic Power Shear
    Post time: 08-30-2021

    Hydraulic Power Shear Features Excavator hydraulic demolition shears features: 1. This excavator hydraulic demolition shears adopts HARDOX 400 sheet material with high strength, light dead weight and large shear force. 2.The included angle design can more eas...Read more »

  • Super Mini, Super Mighty: The Smallest Mini Excavators on the Market
    Post time: 08-18-2021

    These mini machines are the perfect fit for DIYers who may be novice operators needing to swap the manual labor of a shovel and wheelbarrow for a faster, less back-breaking alternative. First, they’re simple to transport and fit into yards thanks to their small size. The...Read more »

  • How to Selecting an Excavator Bucket Size
    Post time: 08-16-2021

    Most construction projects benefit from a bucket that will increase productivity by reducing the number of passes the tool needs to make. Select the biggest excavator bucket that won't compromise efficiency—except when you have a particular size requirement, like when di...Read more »

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