The Portable Boring Machine from GT

Product name:Intelligent boring and welding     
Function:  Boring and weilding for construction machine
Main motor power: Servo motor 2300 W
Voltage: 220V/50HZ
The speed of Boring bar’s turn: 50-200 minute
Vf : Adjustable speed(continuously variable)
Welding Hole diameter: 40-300mm
Roundness of machining hole: ≤0.02mm
Operate way : Boring and welding together
Executive standard: QYS0579-2018
The Spindle motor power:400W
Stroke: 300mm (we can according demand made 1 meter)
The Processing range of the aperture diameter: 55-160
Unilateral cutting volume:8mm
Welding Hole diameter: Ra3.2
Standard diameter of boring bar: 50mm
Marking boring range: 55-260mm
Shaft speed gear speed adjustment: 50-250rpm, 50-450rpm
Feed volume:0-0.5mm
Single side processing volume: 0-3mm
Feed travel: 280mm
Machining Surface Roughness: Ra3.2
Roundness of Machining Hole :< 0.02mm
Feed speed: stepless speed regulation
Main motor power: 4880W AC220V/50HZ

Post time: Jan-11-2021