SteelHome China Steel Price Index (SHCNSI)[2023-02-13--2023-03-13]


GT company has been engaged in the international business export of construction machinery parts for 24 years, with an annual sales volume of about 100 million RMB, and our products are exported to 128 countries around the world. It has been supporting many well-known brands in the world for many years. Own 3 undercarriage parts production plants. The factory mainly produces excavators and bulldozers: track roller,top roller, sprockets, idler, segments, chain assemblies, track cylinders, track springs, U-frames, track adjuster assemblies, etc. , At the same time, it is compatible with buckets, bucket teeth, bucket roots, cutting edge, end bit, track shoes, high-strength bolts, chain links, chain shafts, bucket shafts, bucket shaft sleeves


Post time: Mar-13-2023