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pc200-7 final drive

pc200-7 final drive


1.advanced techniques. 2.High quality,competetive price. 3.high efficiency,low noise. 4.Certificate:ISO9001/QS9000.


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1.Some pictures for your looking about gearing pumps.if you offer us parts number,then we can make sure which parts you need.



SK200-8 final drive:PC400-6 final drive



2.We also provide a lot of different brands and models pumps for excavator and  bulldozer  spare parts.


 Brake Pump   705-22-40040    SAR100SAR100    HD465-5-7/HD605-7  
 Hoist/Steering Pump    705-56-34630    SAR80+80+6    HD465-7/HD605-7  
 Hoist Pump    705-12-38211    SAR80    HD465-7/HD605-7  
 Steering Pump    705-34-38340    SAR80    HD465-7/HD605-7  
   705-22-19040    SAR6    HD465-7/HD605-7  
 Transmission Pump    705-52-31170    SAR100+25    
 Transmission Pump   07443-67803   PAR140    HD680-2
 Transmission Pump    07443-67101    PAR140    HD680-2/HD780-1  
 Hoist/Steering Pump    07448-67107    PAL250    HD680-2/HD780-1  
 Hoist/Steering Pump    07448-66700    PAL250    HD680-2  
 Transmission Pump    07443-67101    PAR140    HD785-1  
 Hoist/Steering Pump    07400-10600    PAL180+180    HD785-1/D155S-1  
 Steering Pump    07445-66300    PAL180    HD785-1  
 Hoist Pump    07445-66400    PAL180    HD785-1  
 Retarder Pump    07400-11300    PAL280+280    HD785-1  
 Retarder Pump    07449-66500    PAL280    HD785-1  
 Retarder Pump    07449-66600    PAL280    HD785-1  
 Transmission Pump    705-12-44010    SAR160    HD785-2  
Hoist/Steering/Brake Pump    705-51-42010    SAL140+140   HD785-2  
   705-11-43210    SAL140    HD785-2  
   705-11-43530    SAL140    HD785-2  
 Transmission Pump    705-22-44020    SAR160H    HD785-3-5/HD985-3-5  
 Hoist/Steering Pump    705-52-42100    SAR180+180    HD785-3-5/HD985-3-5  
 Hoist Pump  705-12-45240    SAR180    HD785-3-5/HD985-3-5
 Steering Pump    705-12-45540    SAR180    HD785-3-5/HD985-3-5  
 Brake Cooling Pump    705-52-42090    SAR285+285H    HD785-3-5/HD985-3-5  
 Brake Cooling Pump    705-12-49240    SAR285    HD785-3-5/HD985-3-5  
 Brake Cooling Pump    705-12-49540    SAR285    HD785-3-5/HD985-3-5  


3.Technical data.



4.Factory View.






6.Please focus on xiamen GT trade Co., LTD launched the new products.


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