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DH220 Front Idler for Daewoo

DH220 Front Idler for Daewoo


Material: 40SiMnTi
Surface Hardness: HRC48-54
Finish: Smooth
Technology: Forging casting
Certificate: ISO9001-9002


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Product Information


Material: 40SiMnTi
Finish: Smooth
Colors: Black or yellow
Technique: Forging casting
Surface Hardness: HRC48-54; Depth: 4mm-10mm
Warranty time: 2000 hour
Certification: ISO9001-9002
FOB Price: FOB Xiamen USD 50-450/Piece
Delivery Time: Within 30 days after contract established
Advantages / Features:


(1). Select a wide range of front idlers which are suitable for the range from 0.2 to 120 tons for shoes type excavators, bulldozers and special machinery.
(2). Special heat treatment process results in longer life and the greatest degree of under heavy load and prevents fragmentation.
(3). Using low and high-double seal for lubrication, it is suitable for standard and special temperature application.
(4). Choose a broad range of spring regulators of high flexibility and hydrocarbon-type regulators which are applicable for mine working condition.


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Others      : MS110, MS180-3,,CM351,D155,SE210,SE240,SE290,SE360


Idler for Daewoo as follow :


Model &  Idler  
 Serial Number  Part No. 
 DH280   2270-1084 
 DH280LC-III   2270-1084 
 DH320   2270-1084 
 DH450   2270-9405A 
 SOLAR 130LC-III   2270-1052 
 SOLAR 130LC-V   2270-1052 
 SOLAR 150LC-V   270-00016 
 SOLAR 170-III   2270-4002A 
 SOLAR 170LC-V   2270-4002A 
 SOLAR 175LC-V   2270-4002A 
 SOLAR 200LC   2270-1064 
 SOLAR 220LC   2270-1064 
 SOLAR 220LC-III   2270-1064 
 SOLAR 220LC-V   2270-1108A 
 SOLAR 225LC-V   2270-1108A 
 SOLAR 250LC-V   270-00015 
 SOLAR 255LC-V   270-00015 
 SOLAR 280LC-III   2270-1028 
 SOLAR 290LC-V   2270-1084B 2270-1084 
 SOLAR 300LC-V   270-00037 
 SOLAR 330-III   2270-1084B 2270-1084 
 SOLAR 330LC-V   2270-1084B 
 SOLAR 340LC-V   2270-1084B 
 SOLAR 400LC-III   2270-9009B 
 SOLAR 400LC-V   2270-9405E 
 SOLAR S420LC-V   2270-9009B 
 SOLAR 450-III   2270-9405E 
 SOLAR 450LC-V   2270-9405E 
 SOLAR 470LC-V   2270-9405E 
 SOLAR 450-III   2270-9405E 
 SOLAR 450LC-V   2270-9405E 
 SOLAR 470LC-V   2270-9405E 
 DH50   2270-1040C 
 DH120   2270-1052 
 DH130   2270-1052 
 DH170   2270-4002A 
 DH180   2270-1064 
 DH180LC   2270-1064 
 DH200   2270-1064 
 DH200LC   2270-1064 
 DH220LC   2270-1064 



Our products are manufactured according to the standard of OEM.




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