Diesel Engine Parts Cylinder Block 3178974/3177638/3032187 for Excavator Engine K38/NT855/4TNV98 /S6D130/S6D140/6D155/S6D170
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Diesel Engine Parts Cylinder Block 3178974/3177638/3032187 for Excavator Engine K38/NT855/4TNV98 /S6D130/S6D140/6D155/S6D170



Cylinder block: your engine's heart

The cylinder block is one of your engine's central components. It plays a key role in the lubrication,
temperature control and stability of the engine and it has to be of the highest quality so there is no
room for short cuts.

The cylinder block is the central component of any engine. It has to be of the highest possible quality
so that it can perform its vital role in the operation of the cylinder heads, timing case, sump and flywheel.


1 cylinder block CAT 3306 1N3576
2 cylinder block CAT 320B/S6K 125-2964
3 cylinder block KOMASTU S6D155 6127-21-1108
4 cylinder block KOMASTU 6D140 6211-21-1103
5 cylinder block PC400-7 SAA6D125 6154-21-1100
6 cylinder block PC400-6 SAA6D125 6151-22-1100
7 cylinder block PC300-8/SAA6D114 6745-SE-0021
8 cylinder block PC300-7/SAA6D114 6743-SE-0020
9 cylinder block PC200-8/SAA6D107 6754-SE-0020
10 cylinder block PC200-6-7/SAA6D102 6731-21-1170
11 cylinder block KOMASTU S6D95 6209-21-1200
12 Cylinder Block K19 3811921 3044516
13 Cylinder Block K38 3178974/3177638
14 Cylinder Block NT855 3032187
15 cylinder block CAT320B/S6K  125-2964
16 Cylinder Block CAT 3306 1N3576
17 Cylinder Block S6D155 6127-21-1108
18 Cylinder Block 6D140 6211-21-1103
19 cylinder head CAT3304 1N4304
20 cylinder head CAT3208 6I2378
21 cylinder head PC60-7/D95 6204-13-1501
22 cylinder head PC200-5-6/S6D95 6209-21-1100
23 cylinder head S6D140 6211-11-1101
24 cylinder head assy PC200-8/SAA6D107 6754-11-1211
25 cylinder head CAT3306 Direct inject 8N6796
26 cylinder head K19 COPY  CU3811986
27 cylinder head K19 COPY  CU3811992
28 cylinder head PC200-6/S6D102 6731-11-1371
29 cylinder head PC200-8/SA6D107 THDCEC 6754-11-119211
30 cylinder head PC300-7/SA6D114 THDCEC 6741-11-1190
31 cylinder head PC300-8/SAA6D114 THDCEC 6745-11-1211
32 cylinder head S6D155 6128-11-1012
33 cylinder head PC400-5-6/6D125 6151-13-1101
34 cylinder head S6D170 6162-13-1103
35 Cylinder Head S6K 5I7521 and 5i7520
36 cylinder head CAT3304 1N4304
37 cylinder head CAT3208 6I2378
38 cylinder head PC60-7/D95 6204-13-1501
39 cylinder head PC200-5-6/S6D95 6209-21-1100
40 cylinder head S6D140 6211-11-1101
41 cylinder head ass'y PC200-8/SAA6D107 6754-11-1211
42 Spare Parts Oil Pump  CAT330C/C-9;336D/C9 331-8905
43 Cylinder Head 336D/C9 332-3619
44 Cylinder Head 6BT 3935931


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